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This calm moment before the storm

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman@Leon professional

Welcome to┬á blog. So guys, we just started! What can we say at this moment? So, our goal is to build new media market where creators – like us – will feel at home. Did we succeed? Time will show.

What we can offer is straight communication and – really – stressing creators role in new digital and global world. Try us, communicate with us, tell us what do you think!



Michal Przymusinski cofounder of VPUZZLER and photo & videographer. Ex Head of New Media of Polish Public Television, creator of HBO Poland e-presence, architect of BBC Poland news website and lecturer of new media on Collegium Civitas.
Now I'm part of VPUZZLER.COM and Crowley Media (YouTube Partner) - internet startups creating tools for creative minds - and Head of Marketing and Promotion of Collegium Civitas.
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