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Vectors and After Effects introduced to Vpuzzler

Our media library keeps on growing and we’re not slowing down. We’re happy to announce that we’ve decided to add to our present offer 2 new products which are vectors and after effects. This makes Vpuzzler media marketplace even more complete and your stories even more diverse.

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New layout. Enhanced platform performance and lots of opportunities.

Hope that you noticed our entirely new layout that increases exposition of our products. Works great with showing all types of content like: videos, images and audio files. media library has exceeded 100 000 items and continues to grow. That was made possible due to some serious improvements in uploading content for our contributors. Now it’s way faster and more efficient. If you’re a creator you should definitely try it out asap!

Moreover, is so much more visible on the Internet. We established some interesting cooperation and our promotion campaign are on and running. If you haven’t seen this video yet, we’ll hope you’ll watch it soon!


Best from Vpuzzler Team and have a great Summer!


Second gear up is nicely evolving. We put lot of work to make upload even more pleasant. Launched copy tags functionality, which allows to copy entered media description from one product to another. So that if they are really similar you won’t need to do all the tagging again.

Our upload also is reading now exif files. Professional contributors really waited for that last update. FTP direct access is now granted for creators with larger libraries. This allows them to smoothly upload even larger quantities of media on board

New functionality seem to work great since our website just exceeded 10 000 items for sale.

Many new things and changes coming soon. Stay tuned!


Crazy month behind us beta is running for nearly a month. Since launching our sites we made many improvements and fixed a lot of bugs.

Of course our work is far from over. Thanks to all you guys we received many suggestions – what would you like us to change or add to Most of the remarks regarded easier mass upload and tagging. The good news is that all that will going to work as you suggested real soon.

We’re also working hard on 2.0 release. That’s the final version of our site where many things will be working and will look even better.