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Michal Przymusinski cofounder of VPUZZLER and photo & videographer. Ex Head of New Media of Polish Public Television, creator of HBO Poland e-presence, architect of BBC Poland news website and lecturer of new media on Collegium Civitas.
Now I'm part of VPUZZLER.COM and Crowley Media (YouTube Partner) - internet startups creating tools for creative minds - and Head of Marketing and Promotion of Collegium Civitas.
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Free vintage photos on

A lot of time passed since our last post. But it was busy time for us. As we added a lot of new functions (more about it soon) we also launched new free collections of hi-res photos available for both commercial and personal use.

You can find this selected wonderful photos typing “free-stuff” in search box or just go directly to this links:

Trust me, it’s quality stuff. Or don’t – just look below. Perhaps we didn’t stressed it enough earlier. Photography & videography isn’t just a business for us. It’s our passion. That’s why we would like to provide broad spectrum of opportunities – both commercial & free.
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Are Social Media Compromising Rights of Microstock Sites?

The importance of stock media lies in the fact that nowadays there are a multitude of content buyers out there who are looking for illustrative footage – stock images as well as videos - to support and facilitate their marketing and online activities. Given this fact, resources such as media libraries that stock royalty free video footage and images are turning out to be the hubs of activity. On the flip side however, there are cases where social media is being used as a source for stock media. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this trend and try and come to a solution.



This calm moment before the storm

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman@Leon professional

Welcome to blog. So guys, we just started! What can we say at this moment? So, our goal is to build new media market where creators – like us – will feel at home. Did we succeed? Time will show.

What we can offer is straight communication and – really – stressing creators role in new digital and global world. Try us, communicate with us, tell us what do you think!